To Wuhan


Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province and one of the most popular cities in central China. As a city with both an ancient history and a thriving present, Wuhan served as the cradle of the brilliant Chu civilization (770 B.C. - 221 B.C.) and also as the wartime capital of China in 1937.


Wuhan today is considered as the political, economic, financial, commercial, cultural and educational center of Central China.


As located in Central China as well as in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, Wuhan is regarded as the “thoroughfare to nine provinces”. It is very convenient to get to Wuhan from most major cities in China. You can take flight from Beijing or Shanghai to Wuhan Tianhe Airport. There are three railway stations in Wuhan, namely the Wuhan, the Hankou, and the Wuchang Railway Stations, thus you can also travel by the high-speed train from Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai to any of those railway stations while enjoying the landscapes along the way.







Conference Venue

East Lake Hotel--International Conference Center


146 Donghu Road (Donghu Lu),Wuhan, China (situated on the shore of the beautiful East Lake)






 East Lake Hotel Overview

East Lake Hotel was built in the early 1950s. It is located on the beautiful coast of the East Lake, with a courtyard area of 2800 Mu and a water shoreline of more than 3000 meters. It overlooks Moshan in the East and Luojia in the south. The courtyard has green trees, winding paths and natural scenery. Four different profound humanistic styles reception buildings: Meiling, Nanshan, Baihua and International Conference Center. This is the place where Chairman Mao Zedong stayed for 48 times. It is known as "Zhongnanhai in Hubei". Chairman Mao once called it "white clouds and yellow cranes". "Forest in the city, harbor in the forest". Adhering to the concept of guest first and service first, East Lake Hotel provides first-class service for all kinds of guests with butler style and conference class reception mode, so that every guest feels at home here.

 Transportation Line to East Lake Hotel-- International Conference Center

a) From Tianhe Airport Subway Line 8 via Line 2 at "Hongtu Avenue" (1h 13min);

b) From Wuhan Railway Station Subway Line 8 via Line 4 at "Yuejiazui" (43min);

c) From Wuchang Railway Station Subway Line 8 via Line 4 at "Yuejiazui"(42min);
d) From Hankou Railway Station Bus no. 411 (1h 45min); Subway Line 8 via Line 2 at "Jiedaokou" (
1h 6min);

e) From HUST Bus no. 709/810 (1h 20min); Subway Line 8 via Line 2 at “Jiedaokou” (50min).


Public transport: Bus 411/709/810, stop at "Donghu Road Provincial Museum (front station)"; Subway Line 8, stop at "Hubei Museum".


You can also take taxi from those airport/railway stations to East Lake Hotel, which takes about 94 (from Tianhe Airport),  26 (from Wuhan Railway Station),  20 (from Wuchang Railway Station),  54 (from Hankou Railway Station), 28 (from HUST) RMB Yuan.


Here is the Wuhan Metro Map: