Route 2

Route 2:  One day field trip on the East Lake wetland and its ecosystem

With light and cloud shadows spreading over an area of 3,300 hectares, East Lake elegantly winds along the verdant Moshan and Luojia hills. Merging with the sky at the horizon, the lake makes this super metropolis of over 10 million people seem quiet and placid, while contributing its majestic beauty, to the building of an eco-friendly Wuhan.


Along its broad path, the more than 100-km-long Greenway embraces the four major attractions of East Lake: Tingtao, Moshan, Luoyan Island and Maanshan Forest Park.


The Tingtao scenic area unfolds, from over 2000 years ago, the life stories of the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. The traces of his pursuit of lofty ideals, along the lake, demonstrate a nation’s original and sincere aspiration of pursuing the truth.


The Chu-style antique building along the slopes of Moshan Hill opens the historic town and palace before us, and highlights an ancient oriental civilization on a par with ancient Greece.


The enchanting Maanshan Forest Park entertains Wuhan’s citizens as it orchestrates a symphony of nature during each of the four seasons.


Luoyan Island exhibits the traditional Chinese philosophy of harmony between man and nature; showing a gracious and amiable city. The woods of the fruit trees constitute a warm post house for various bird species.

Surrounding the rippling East Lake, all the attractions find themselves shimmering in the “kindest water”, thus while walking all along the East lake Greenway, one can see changing senses of rolling hills, lush forests, shimmering pools, rich farmland, sanctuary islands, protective dykes and quiet bays.



The East Lake Park